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World of Whorecraft: Berlin hosts the world’s first sex work fair

A group of people at a protest against registration of sex workers. The first professional fair for sex work is taking place in Berlin this weekend.
Berlin’s first fair for sex work is taking place this weekend (Photo: h3xtacy / flickr.com).

The first sex workers‘ fair is taking place in Berlin. And it has a fantastic name.

They’re called job, or ‘career’ fairs, and they’re all about training opportunities, networking and doing some lobby work for an industry. That’s also pretty much the goal of ‘World of Whorecraft’. World of what, now? You heard. Actually, it’s the first sex work fair of its kind, held in Berlin (naturally) on Saturday August 17th. And the organiser is not some sleazy back-alley promoter, but a trade organisation for erotic and sexual services based in Mitte. Sex experts offer workshops, NGOs offer information about the ‘whore movement’, and there’ll be a flea market tent in which fetish outfits are traded and sold.

Translated by Aida Baghernejad

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