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  • ‘Festival of Lights’ and ‘Berlin leuchtet’ 2020: Berlin’s landmarks light up

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‘Festival of Lights’ and ‘Berlin leuchtet’ 2020: Berlin’s landmarks light up

The 16th edition of Berlin’s much-loved ‘Festival of Lights’ kicks off on September 11th. Until September 20th, famous landmarks around the capital will be spectacularly illuminated with colourful projections.

And Berliners can be doubly delighted: ‘Festival of Lights’ blends almost seamlessly with ‘Berlin leuchtet’, the rival event which this year runs from September 25th to October 4th. Here’s all the information you need for both events.

In der gesamten Stadt werden im September und Oktober beim "Festival of Lights" und bei "Berlin leuchtet" Wahrzeichen und wichtige Gebäude prachtvoll illuminiert, so wie das Ensemble rund um den Bebelplatz. Foto: Imago/Spicker
Throughout the city, famous landmarks are lit up during the ‘Festival of Lights’ and ‘Berlin leuchtet’ in September and October — as seen here at Bebelplatz in Mitte. Photo: Imago/Spicker

‘Festival of Lights’ vs: ‘Berlin leuchtet’: Two competing festivals delight Berliners

Festival of Lights 2020 This year’s event, which takes place under the motto ‘Together we shine’, is described as a ‘special edition’ by the festival’s creators. Visitors can expect spectacularly illuminated buildings at 86 locations — and, this time, not just those in the city centre. The festival team is keen to shine a light on Berlin’s neighbourhoods, illuminating architectural gems there and working with mobile projectors.

Digital access has also been improved this year, so that people outside Berlin — or those who prefer to stay home — can also enjoy the show. As in previous years, there will be various organised tours and many a surprise that won’t be revealed in advance. All locations and programme details can be found here.

Last year, the Berliner Dom was one of the landmarks illuminated in bold colour. Photo: Imago/Spicker

Berlin leuchtet 2020 The second, no less magical, festival starts after ‘Festival of Light’ and incorporates the ‘Tag der Deutschen Einheit’ (Day of German Unity). So it’s ideal for visitors to Berlin who want to spend a nice autumn weekend in the capital. ‘Berlin leuchtet’ also celebrates togetherness this year: ‘United’ is the simple and effective motto of the 8th edition.

A total of 70 light installations can be admired. And at the event’s ‘Light Café’, you’ll have the chance to meet the lighting designers who, working alongside two universities, have developed digital formats using VR technology. All locations and programme details can be found here.

Berlin is packed full of cultural highlights at this time of year! From Berlin Art Week, Gallery Weekend and the Berlin Biennale to the brand new ‘Studio Berlin’ — in which famous techno club Berghain becomes an art gallery.

Original article by Max Müller

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