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  • Griessmühle (re)opens: Techno, beer and a new location

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Griessmühle (re)opens: Techno, beer and a new location

Those rumours were true. Griessmühle’s operators have given the official go-ahead: From now on, the club will open its doors every day for beer and techno in the industrial ruins of the old Bärenquell Brewery in Schöneweide.

The disused Bärenquell Brewery in Schöneweide is Griessmühle’s official new home. Photo: imago images / Schöning

The outside area looks like you’d expect of a Berlin techno club. Industrial lamps hang from chains in grid form at a height of several metres. High above, a rusty footbridge bears witness to the industrial past of the site, while an empty silo looks on after years of dormancy. The time has come for Griessmühle to begin a new chapter and welcome guests on the old site of the Bärenquell Brewery in Niederschöneweide.

Griessmühle opens its ‘Baergarten’ daily

Fans of techno culture and industrial charm can sip tapped beer and other cold drinks in the ‘Baergarten’ every day from 2pm onwards, to mellow sounds — but also hard, fast techno. This is new: in the old Griessmühle there was only bottled beer from the fridge.

The operators of the cult club, previously based down a dark alley next to Sonnenallee S-Bahn station, announced in early September that they’d found a new location for Griessmühle and its legendary party series Cocktail d’Amore, Ismus and Antidote. The grounds of the Bärenquell Brewery have been idle for 25 years.

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We are opening the first part of our new home base tomorrow: At Baergarten we‘ll serve draught beer and cold drinks along chill and rough tunes. It was Built and decorated by our awesome team over the last weeks and marks the beginning of the new chapter. Open saturday and sunday from 2pm ! @baergarten 📷: @tjard.asseng #biergarten #berlin #schoeneweide

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Israeli investor Ofer Hava plans to turn the site into a happening hub and preserve as much of the industrial wasteland charm — complete with original graffiti and rusting machinery — as possible. In addition to the club there are rumours of gastronomic and cultural projects, and talks of a university campus. According to media reports, Hava, who bought the site in 2015, plans to invest €250 million. The derelict site in Niederschöneweide will also house a Bärenquell-Museum and a beer factory.

Original article by Xenia Balzereit

It’s not just Griessmühle who’s back in action — Berghain has reopened as the art space ‘Studio Berlin’ in collaboration with the Boros Foundation.

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