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Hey EXBERLINER, welcome to tipBerlin!

Together we’re stronger. And happier. That’s why we at tipBerlin are thrilled that you, the English-language city magazine EXBERLINER, is now part of the Tip Berlin Media Group.

The two city magazines are a great fit: we’re both passionate about independent, committed journalism — but we’re also the last ones on the dance floor (in non-corona times, obvs). The fact that EXBERLINER is now part of the tipBerlin universe strengthens our print magazines as well as our digital platforms. Together we can now offer Berliners a vibrant, colourful guide to our beloved city in German and English.

Berlin in German and English: tipBerlin and EXBERLINER now under one publishing house.

More and more expats are living and working in Berlin (hey there!). Here at tipBerlin we’ve been following this development for a long time. We already have our own small but established English section (hey there!) and social media channels. But by pooling the editorial know-how of both brands, we can reach a far greater international audience with a print magazine, newsletter and several social media platforms. Bang! Now the tip Berlin Media Group is a force to be reckoned with in English, too.

tipBerlin and EXBERLINER: the vibes are right

EXBERLINER brings a small, powerful team under its editor-in-chief Nadja Vancauwenberghe. This is a welcome addition for the tip Berlin Media Group — a city magazine established in 1972 knows that new perspectives enrich and embolden. The same goes for our city, by the way. British newspaper The Guardian named EXBERLINER one of the best expat magazines in Europe.

Nadja Vancauwenberghe co-founded EXBERLINER in 2002 and has played a major role in its development. She is an extremely inspiring and imaginative editor-in-chief. The vibe was right from the start. tipBerlin will only benefit from working with her and her team. And vice versa, of course.

Just married…

A rather turbulent and uncertain time is coming to an end for EXBERLINER under the umbrella of the tip Berlin Media Group and its owners Yoram Roth and Robert Rischke. The successful crowdfunding campaign the magazine ran in recent months has shown how popular and deeply rooted EXBERLINER is. It had to be. Because running a small, independent city magazine with a focus on culture (everything closed) and gastronomy (takeaway only) under these pandemic conditions is extremely difficult. And this new constellation gives everyone involved much more security and clout.

Just married — you could say that. And while the literal honeymoon will have to wait (travel cancelled), the real fun is just beginning.

So, dear EXBERLINER team, we are very much looking forward to welcoming you on board!

Your tipBerlin

Original article by Stefanie Dörre

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