Are you a social practic Artist or a Painter? Walking from Frauenklinik to Futurium

In this publication, Glauer is experimenting with self-fictionalisation. She / I am looking for ways to move into and out of a professional scholarly academic habitus. Finding herself confronted repeatedly with the false binary of being EITHER a painter NOR a politically enaged person/artist/activist, she is directly addressing this in the title, images presented and text. She / I am using this off & on space to make visible „open secrets“ that can not be talked about in the carefully constructed surface of academic speech and in the abstracted space of the white cube. Book Concept: The artistic researcher Patricia Andersdottir Roth (Precarious Artistic Researcher) prepares a talk. She is part of a re- search group at the Institute for Strategic Anti-patriarchy Studies. She recites her text out loud in front of an imagined public. The images show her research into a Landing Strip for the Milky Way, as she keeps re-editing herself. The text keeps switching to her inner monologue and temporarily dashes back to her / l am on the theme of the Women‘s Clinic of the Charité medical Center, Berlin. In between she stops, drinks coffee in frustration until she nods herself distracted by her friend Banality Girl, who sits on the sofa across from her. The distraction leads her to entirely new ideas and thoughts. At the end, her friend asks her how her last interview went. How did it go, she asks?

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