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Ice Ice Baby: The scoop on Berlin’s best Ice Cream shops

When it comes to gelatos and sorbets, Berlin may not quite rival Rome — but it sure gets pretty close. Germans have come to love their ice cream after all, another gift that Gastarbeiter, guest workers from Italy, brought with them in the 1950s and 60s. Our favourite ice cream shops keep the traditions alive — and put a new twist on them.


Jones Icecream
Good vibes only: Jones Icecream (Photo: Julia Luka Lila Nitzschke)

Grapefruit and Earl Grey? Or Roasted Chicory Coffee? Jones isn’t afraid of bold tastes. But every single of their scoops, even the most bizarre sounding flavour combinations, are a winner. You may have seen their little pastel-yellow truck at all the most beautiful markets and street parties, but you can also taste their concoctions at their own gelateria in Schöneberg.

Address: Goltzstraße 3, Schöneberg | Daily 12pm-7pm

Directions: U-Bahn station Eisenacher Straße



Cone or cup – or both? (Photo: Eisderix)

Three friends with a lot of experience in hospitality and a love for good ice cream without additives or artificial colours, that’s all it needs for superb cones and popsicles made with a lot of care and love. Located in a calm corner of Rixdorf, it’s the perfect stop on your Sunday stroll.

Address: Böhmische Straße 48, Neukölln | Mon-Sat 2pm-6pm, Sun 1pm-6pm

Directions: S-Bahn station Sonnenallee



If you prefer being spoilt for choice, Eispiraten (ice-pirates in English) will satisfy your every (ice cream-based) need. Every day this tiny ice cream shop in Friedrichshain has 32 different varieties on offer. Our favourites: Butterkeks (buttery biscuit) and passion fruit-raspberry-cardamon sorbet.

Address: Grünbergerstraße 85, Neukölln | Mon-Fri 2pm-10pm, Sat+Sun 12pm-10pm

Directions: U-Bahn station Samariterstraße


Gelateria Mos Eisley

Blueberry sour cream, anyone? (Photo: Mos Eisley)

Gelateria Mos Eisley is definitely far less of a wretched place than the original Mos Eisley cantina on the planet Tatooine in Star Wars. The cute place is in fact one of the cosiest ice cream shops on our list. And you can take your cones straight onto Tempelhof airfield — what’s not to love?

Address: Herrfurthplatz 6, Neukölln | Daily 12pm-6pm

Directions: U-Bahn station Leinestraße


Cuore di Vetro

Italian traditions and inventive flavours: Cuore di Vetro. (Photo: Cuore di Vetro)

Named after a Werner Herzog film, this very Italian gelateria is transparent in every sense: through a glass wall you can see the large silver Carpigiani ice cream maker and flavours of the day being made. Seasonal creations, made from ingredients imported from Italy, this ice cream will please even the most sophisticated tastebuds. They also make a mean affogato and host concerts, markets and other events in the shop from time to time.

Address: Max-Beer-Straße 33, Mitte | Mon 12pm-11pm, Tue-Fri 9am-11pm, Sat+Sun 10am-11pm

Directions: U-Bahn station Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz


Woop Woop

Ice cream made from liquid nitrogen? Sounds scary, is tasty. (Photo: Woop Woop)

Woop Woop in Mitte does things a bit differently: instead of churning their ice cream for hours, they mix fresh ingredients with liquid nitrogen to create ice cream in front of your eyes in just 30 seconds. It’s a bit of theatre and a bit of science and most importantly, pretty tasty. Flavours rotate every months.

Address: Rosenthaler Straße 3, Mitte | Tue-Thu 12.30pm-8pm, Fri+Sat 12.30pm-10pm, Sun 12.30pm-8pm

Directions: U-Bahn station Rosenthaler Platz



A Kreuzberg legend: the Turkish ice cream shop Aldemir is famous for its quite sweet and sometimes very kooky creations. Flavours change regularly and often, try Gorgonzola cheese and fig when on offer – it may sounds weird, but tastes divine. Also: it’s worth ordering three scoops or more to get one of the fresh homemade waffle cones.

Address: Falckensteinstraße 7, Kreuzberg | Daily 10am-8pm, on really hot days 10am-10pm

Directions: U-Bahn station Schlesisches Tor


California Pops

Popsicles are underrated – and California Pops gives them the spotlight they truly deserve. Sold at their shops in Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg (and available for deliveries, too), their popsicles are very instagrammable but also very delicious. We love the mango-coconut flavour and the very fresh and fruity sorbets. If the popsicle craving is too strong to make it to California Pops, the other fabulous manufacturer, Paletas, sells their handmade versions in cafés and restaurants.

Address: Eberswalder Str. 32, Prenzlauer Berg | Sa+Sun 12pm-6pm

Directions: U-Bahn station Schlesisches Tor


Paul Möhring – Tradition und Wahnsinn

The „Campfire“ with burnt marshmallows, cookie dust, and chocolate sauce. (Photo: Paul Möhring – Tradition & Wahnsinn)

Soft serve has a bad reputation, but fear not, Paul Möhring is here to save the day. You have the choice between chocolate, whole bean vanilla, and a regularly changing vegan soft-serve, and a number of toppings ranging from sprinkles, chocolate sauce and marshmallows to crushed salty pretzles, hot sauce, bacon, olive oil and salt. It’s not a coincidence that their name includes tradition and Wahnsinn (madness)…

Address: Oranienburger Straße 84, Mitte | Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat+Sun 10am-7pm

Directions: S-Bahn station Hackescher Markt



Lecko’Mio saves the art of the ice cream sundae. Look at this beauty! (Photo: Lecko’Mio)

Berlin was in mourning when the owners of one of the city’s best gelaterias, Anne Durkes, packed up their things and moved back to Sardinia to live by the beach. Thankfully, Nadja Maßmann, a photographer and graphic designer by trade, took over the parlour and is a more than worthy successor. The pastel-coloured shop is beautiful, the ice cream comes in great flavours without any additives, and she also offers fun interpretations of traditional ice cream sundaes and Affogato.

Address: Graefestraße 80, Kreuzberg | Tue-Sun 1pm-9pm

Directions: U-Bahn station Schönleinstraße


Vanille & Marille

One of the best-known scoops of Berlin: in six ice cream shops all over Kreuzberg, Schöneberg, Steglitz and Tempelhof, Vanille & Marille sells their delicious and very creamy scoops. We love the peanut with brownie bits flavour and apricot (Marille) with lavender.

Address: Friedrich-Wilhelm-Str. 22, Tempelhof | Daily 12pm-6pm

Directions: U-Bahn station Kaiserin-Augusta-Straße



Sicilian-style ice cream, thick and creamy, made from regional organic milk and cream, pistachios imported from the island and other Italian ingredients sourced in Italy. Our favourites are their vegan Etna, almond ice cream mixed with pistachio and ash from the mount Etna, and the Canolo Siciliano. Try the homemade almond Granita!

Address: Skalitzer Straße 77, Kreuzberg | Daily 10am-10pm, longer on hot days

Directions: U-Bahn station Schlesisches Tor