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  • Berlin considers security moat for the Reichstag building

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Berlin considers security moat for the Reichstag building

Berlin's Reichstag building by night, shot from the other side of the Spree, with fireworks in the background. Picture used to illustrate an article on plans for a moat for the Reichstag.
Moats instead of fireworks: security proposals for the Reichstag sound too medieval to be true (Photo: Fotolia.com © Ronny Behnert).

Medieval strategies against contemporary terrorism: a moat for the Reichstag as a security measure?

Fearing terrorist attacks, the German government is apparently considering a 2.5-metre-deep trench in front of the Reichstag building. At least according to our colleagues over at Berliner Zeitung. They refer to planning documents for the future visitor and information centre that is to be built in the next few years. But, sadly, the plan to fill said ditch with water has already been abandoned. What a pity — it could’ve been the perfect place to raise a few piranhas and, say, crocodiles. And while they’re at it, how about some handy fire pits atop the building’s four towers, in which to melt some tar? You know, to pour it down in case of an attack, just like they did in the dark ages? A moat for the Reichstag and all these other ideas won’t help democracy to be more open, however.

Translated by Aida Baghernejad


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