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#BerlinSounds: G. A. M. S. – electronic avant-garde | tip Berlin

Berlin is full of music. We’ll introduce you to your next favourite record by your next favourite band. This week: G. A. M. S.’s self-titled debut.

G.A.M.S.’s self-titled debut was published via Karlrecords (picture: G.A.M.S./Karlrecords)

Andi Stecher plays the drums, Guido Möbius lets the feedbacks wail. This is the set-up. Both musicians are central figures in Berlin’s electronic avant-garde scene — and the name of their shared project G. A. M. S. is formed from their initials. On this record, their debut, they’re supported by singer Yuko Matsuyama and drummer Mick Harris. That might be a name you recognise — he was involved with Napalm Death. But you wouldn’t guess that from this record. Instead, the feedback loops sabotage every attempt of the drums to move towards anything too predictable.


Translated by Aida Baghernejad


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