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  • #CityNews: Finally — A dress rehearsal at BER airport

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#CityNews: Finally — A dress rehearsal at BER airport

BER, Berlin Brandenburg International Airport, shot from the sky. The airport is still not open, but a dress rehearsal is scheduled for 2020.
BER stands empty….still. (Photo: © Günter Wicker / Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH)

Berlin is seeking 20,000 extras for the BER airport dress rehearsal.

Berlin is known to be a popular destination for location scouts, on the hunt for new film set ideas. The results include some pretty famous cinematic moments such as Bridge of Spies, Mission Impossible, or TV series Babylon Berlin. And similarly grand is the film industry’s need for extras: taking the dog for a stroll, swing dancing, or riding the U-Bahn in the background. The largest mass movement of this sort, however, is coming in summer 2020: 20,000 extras are needed to perform a dress rehearsal at BER airport, just before the ever-malfunctioning airport finally opens its gates. This time for real, apparently. Maybe.

The extras would help clear an important hurdle: the vital security and logistics test run entitled ‘Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer’. Sounds complicated, and probably is. It’ll be the final act for a building project that might finally get its act together. But who knows with this never-ending story — the history of BER airport is a saga of surprise developments, after all.

If you fancy taking part in this dramatic work that captures the current insanity of Berlin’s politics like nothing else, the company is accepting applications until the end of the year. Help write a chapter in Berlin history. Großes Kino, as the Germans say.

Translated by Aida Baghernejad


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