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Corona in Berlin: Pictures of a deserted city

How quickly things change. Just weeks ago Berlin was a bustling capital, a city of culture and hedonism that never slept. Today, as the global coronavirus pandemic spreads, Berlin is in cultural lockdown: galleries, museums, bars, clubs, gyms, cinemas, schools and restaurants must all remain closed until further notice, and residents are advised to stay home. Events with more than 50 participants have been banned.

The streets might be empty, but solidarity remains. We bring you the latest snapshots of a deserted city as Berliners heed public health advice and stay indoors.

Tuesday, 17.3.2020: An empty playground in Friedrichshain (Photo: imago images / Future Image)

Monday, 16.3.2020: James-Simon-Galerie is one of many institutions forced to close due to the coronavirus outbreak (Photo: imago images / Reiner Zensen)

Monday, 16.3.2020: Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof is unusually quiet as people avoid travelling by train (Photo: imago images / Sabine Gudath)

Monday, 16.03.2020: a breathing mask lies discarded on the ground (Photo: imago images / Sabine Gudath)

Monday, 16.3.2020: Berlin Cathedral…but without the people (Photo: imago images / Reiner Zensen)

Monday, 16.3.2020: Deserted landmarks, missing tourists. (Photo: imago images / Christian Ditsch)

Monday, 16.3.2020: A chain locks the gate of Humboldt University. (Photo: imago images / Xinhua)

Monday, 16.3.2020: Buses now have a uniform sign indicating that access is only permitted via the rear door. (Photo: imago images / Andreas Gora)

Monday, 16.3.2020: Empty fruit and vegetable shelves on Monday morning in a supermarket in Treptow-Köpenick. But don’t panic: supermarket supply chains are not threatened (Photo: imago images / Future Image)

Monday, 16.3.2020: People loooove toilet roll these days (Photo: imago images / Sabine Gudath)

Thursday, 12.3.2020: Staatsoper Berlin, Carmen – without the audience (Photo © Peter Adamik)

Sunday, 15.3.2020: Yorck Kinogruppe, which runs Capitol cinema in Dahlem, tell us to stay well (Photo: imago images / Frank Sorge)

Sunday, 15.3.2020: Berlin’s Konzerthaus announces that no events will take place in the coming weeks. (Photo: imago images / Emmanuele Contini)

Saturday, 14.3.2020: Berliners show solidarity with their vulnerable neighbours and offer to shop for them. (Photo: imago images / Christian Ditsch)


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