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Foodflash: What’s new to eat in Berlin this week?

We know what’s new to eat in Berlin this weekpotatoes, good beer, sourdough pizza and no more eggs.

All the potatoes

Always one of Berlin’s favourites: Domäne Dahlem’s potato fest.

What do Linda, Laura, and the Blue Swede have in common? Why, they’re all different potato varieties, and as such, protagonists of the annual potato fest at Domäne Dahlem. On Saturday, September 21st and Sunday, September 22nd, Berlin’s historical crown estate is celebrating the most successful of all migrants to have conquered German cuisine. Once upon a time, Friedrich the Great ordered the cultivation of the South American tuber to feed his troops. Come for the (obviously potato-related) food, stay for the trivia about the humble potato!

Address: Königin-Luise-Straße 49, Dahlem | Saturday, 21st and Sunday, 22nd September, 10am to 6pm

Directions: U-Bahn station Dahlem-Dorf


West Berlin goes craft beer

Good beer in Charlottenburg? If it’s brewed in Bavaria or Franconia, connoisseur Boris Priebe will be selling it at his specialty shop Weiß-Blau at Knobelsdorffstraße 37. There is also a cosmopolitan craft beer shop in the old West: the Bierobar, just across Walter-Benjamin-Platz.

Bierobar address: Leibnitzstraße 57, Charlottenburg | Tue-Sat, 4pm-12am, Sun 2pm-10pm

Directions: U-Bahn station Adenauerplatz


Pizza <3 beer

Worth the trip to Reinickendorf, yes, really: Motel Beer (Photo: Sophia Giesecke).

Delightful brewery Motel Beer now regularly holds food pop-ups on their premises, bringing something new to the table for lovely Reinickendorf. On Sunday, September 22nd, for example, there will be sourdough pizza, made by Lars Exit who usually works as a sous-chef at Lode & Stijn. All served, obviously, with Motel Beer fresh from the brewery. Now that’s our kind of food event!

Address: Waldstraße 11a, Reinickendorf | Sunday, September 22nd, 12pm-7pm

Directions: U-Bahn station Lindauer Allee


Broken eggs

Eggkneipe is no more.

Four-and-a-half seats go empty now: Kreuzberg’s Eggkneipe, a tiny snack bar on Kottbusser Damm focusing on all things egg-related, has already closed. We’ll fry our eggs at home again, but miss the egg rolls. We’re happy to report, however, that MalaFritta next door, a hole in the wall offering Neapolitan-style deep-fried pizza, is still going strong.

Monday is the new Saturday

Smiling man wearing black t-shirt, sunglasses and hat in front of light brown background. Willi Schlögel, one of the hosts of Bar Freundschaft.
One of the hosts at wine bar Freundschaft: Willi Schlögel (Photo: www.peterrigaud.com).

The wonderful wine bar Freundschaft is one of our favourites, and not just for the name. Now they’re switching opening times: open on Mondays, but closed on Saturdays. Find us by the bar, snacking on their lovely food options.

Address: Mittelstraße 1, Mitte | Mon-Fri 6pm-1.30am

Directions: S- and U-Bahn station Friedrichstraße


Translated by Aida Baghernejad


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