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Ghosttown: a celebration of Berlin’s former clubs

Ghosttown wants to make the slow death of Berlin’s club scene more comprehensible.

The sadly departed Lovelite Club, back in 2011 (Photo: Benjamin Pritzkuleit)

The often cited Clubsterben, the death of clubs in the city, is a little bit abstract. When the club is gone, you simply don’t go there anymore. Out of sight, out of mind. Under the title ‘Ghosttown’ the Berlin-based promoters AmStart want to make the issue more tangible. With a mobile stage, they will visit the sites of sadly deceased clubs. The good old days, they will rise again on Saturday, May 18th.

At 3pm, Chuckamuck will play in front of the former Trash (Oranienplatz 17), followed by Stanley Brinks (formerly known as Herman Düne) & Freschard at 5pm by the former Jonny Knüppel (Schleusenufer 4A). Then, the stage will cross the Spree, to visit the sites of Lovelite (Simplonstraße 38) with the band Party Fears at 7pm. The evening will conclude with Transformers at 9pm by the old and dearly missed Antje Øklesund (Rigaer Straße 71-73). AmStart wants to highlight, “which exciting initiatives that were not first and foremost geared towards commercial success now no longer have space in the rapidly changing Berlin”. The Specials would approve. After all, they already knew this in 1981: “This town is coming like a ghost town, all the clubs have been closed down.”

Ghosttown Berlin, Saturday, May 18th, from 3pm onwards in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain

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Translated by Aida Baghernejad


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