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  • Crime in Görli: Is a permanent police presence the solution?

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Crime in Görli: Is a permanent police presence the solution?

What’s the right way to deal with Görli park? The senate wants to ensure regular police presence.

Police presence to be strengthened in Görlitzer Park due to drug dealing (imago images / PEMAX)

According to general discourse, Görli is up there with G8 protests and the banlieues of Paris. Meaning? It’s a space where the state does everything to enforce its power but keeps failing. Frank Henkel, Berlin’s former senator for internal affairs, relied on special operation forces and raids. All for the press cameras, but with little effect.

For a while the council believed in soft power, establishing a network of park managers, street workers, and other stakeholders. But now the progressive coalition governing Berlin plans to send more police to the park. The Green party mayor of the district, Monika Herrmann, even suggested establishing a police station by the park. But the easiest solution would probably be giving those resorting to crime some real prospects in Germany.

Translated by Aida Baghernejad


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