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High-rise hate: Friedrichshain takes on Amazon

Montage of the planned high-rise next to the East Side Mall at Warschauer Straße.
Amazon on Warschauer? The council is not amused (Photo: Jürgen Ritter / imago images, montage: GCM).

The construction of high-rise Edge East Side Berlin is called into question.

Amazon has a dream: moving to the planned high-rise ‘Edge East Side Berlin’ at Warschauer Straße. In fact, the company plans to rent out (most of) the 36 floors of the 140-metre-high tower. We can guess what’s going to go on inside: the high-rise managers float about, plotting how they can get away with paying workers in the warehouses and delivery vans even more obscenely low wages.

But all these plans may be thwarted by the council: they’re looking into withdrawing building permits. Why? The recently publicised designs apparently deviate from the agreements between council and the building owner significantly. Karl Marx would be delighted.

Translated by Aida Baghernejad


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