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High times: A cannabis plantation in Kreuzberg?

Guerilla gardening, but make it psychoactive: anonymous Berliners started a small cannabis plantation in a very public place.

Apparently growing weed in public places is a new trend in town. (Photo: Esteban Lopez)

Kreuzberg and cannabis: a match made in heaven. We already know this, of course. But we’re still quite surprised that on Bergmannstraße, the extra bougie bit of Kreuzberg, a few cannabis plants suddenly turned up, growing without a care in the world. Anonymous gardeners had used the planters of the contentious new parklets to plant the fragrant greens. Last week, police marched in to remove the young plants.

It was only a modest crop compared to the find in Rahnsdorf on the south-eastern edge of Berlin a few days earlier. There, officers recently confiscated 525 cannabis sativa plants. On a property owned by the city state, of all places. Is the senate now legalising weed? Our colleagues at the newspaper Tagesspiegel inquired, and found out that the property in question is a small lot leased to a private individual.

So, no green light (sorry) for growing dope officially, yet. But apparently there’s a new summer trend: psychoactive guerilla gardening.

Translated by Aida Baghernejad


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