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Make beer great again: BRLO serves up a special dinner

Several plates in various sizes and shades of blue with different food on a dark table at BRLO Brwhouse.
Not your typical brewery: BRLO has some of the city’s best chefs (Photo: Seren Dal).

Dinner with accompanying… beers? A very special dinner at BRLO celebrates beer as the perfect partner for fine cuisine.

Ben Pommer, executive chef at the BRLO brwhouse has a vision. “Why can’t it be as normal to have accompanying craft beers with a menu in fine dining restaurants, as it’s always been with wines?”, he says. Once a year, he turns this vision into reality. How, you ask? Well, by organising a dinner event for fellow beer nerds. A ‘beer dinner’, basically, inviting four other celebrated kitchens along. This time, he’s having quite a crew over: Stephan Hentschel, free spirit and vegetarian chef at Cookies Cream, locality and seasonality purists Lode & Stijn of the eponymous restaurant, and craft chef Sarah Hallmann, one half of Rixdorf’s Hallmann & Klee. Plus, they’ll be joined by a guest from across the pond. Adam Dulye, executive chef of the US-American Brewers Association, will join the Berliners for a course.

The scoop on the brew

And indeed, the beer is mostly coming from the US too, this time. And not just any beer! Among their selection of the finest of the scene, they’ve caught the biggest fish in the global craft beer pond, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. We’re looking forward to discovering exceptional new pairings — especially as one of our favourite breweries in town, Motel Beer with the pretty cans, is also on board. Oh, and one of our own, tip Berlin’s bar critic and resident craft beer expert Peter Eichhorn, hosts the festivities. Expect nerdy insights and expertise on the world of craft beer and beyond.

Address: FÜNF at BRLO Brwhouse, Schöneberger Straße 16, Kreuzberg | Tue, Oct 22nd, 6.30pm, five courses and five craft beers for €69, tickets and more information via https://brlo-brwhouse.de/events/

Directions: U-Bahn station Gleisdreieck


Translated by Aida Baghernejad


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