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  • #MauerStories: “You instantly noticed that nightlife had changed”

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#MauerStories: “You instantly noticed that nightlife had changed”

The fall of the Wall fed techno visionary Ellen Alien’s curiosity for other countries and cultures – and changed her life forever.

Berlin’s techno club Tresor in the 1990s (Photo: imago images / Günter Schneider)

The fall of the wall freed my mind and soul — finally there was space and new people! Village-y Berlin became a proper metropolis. For me, a West Berliner, the Wall had always been a symbol of violence and military oppression.

When the Wall finally fell, I couldn’t believe it at first. I cried with joy and enjoyed every day I could discover something new on the other side of the city. This also gave me a lot of strength, and made me curious to explore other countries and cultures. It was instantly noticeable after the Wall fell that something fundamental had changed when it came to nightlife and music.

Techno was the music of the hour

New bars and clubs opened and techno was the music of the hour. That’s why techno is still something very special to me, and not a passing fad. After reunification, Berlin attracted many people who wanted to work creatively and realise their business ambitions.

And that’s true to this day. In the past few years tourists have brought a new party spirit back to the city. The ever-bored techno nerds no longer stood out, and a dynamic techno culture with a positive, curious energy developed again.

Black and white picture of DJ Ellen Alien, an international techno icon.
Ellen Alien witnessed the rise of Berlin as the techno capital first hand (Photo: Stini Roehrs).

Berliner Ellen Alien is an international techno icon. She tours internationally as a DJ, organises the “We Are Not Alone” events at the club Griessmuehle, among others. She also manages labels BPitch and UFO inc. Her new single “La Musica Es Dios” will be released via UFO inc. on November 8th, 2019.

Translated by Aida Baghernejad


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