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  • 5 years‘ respite: Berlin’s rent cap is (finally) coming

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5 years‘ respite: Berlin’s rent cap is (finally) coming

Berlin’s government plans to introduce a ‘Mietendeckel’, a rent cap for five years. If everything goes to plan, that is.

But could you actually afford to live here though? (imago images / photothek)

They fought, they cursed, and in the end, they risked it. The coalition between the Social Democrats, the Left party and the Greens has finalised the rent cap bill. That’s good news because the market needs to be curbed. Otherwise it’ll suck the majority dry while fattening a minority. If the courts don’t stop the plans after suits filed by the conservative and liberal parties, Berlin’s renters won’t have to worry about another rent rise in the next five years. And maybe, just maybe, even find the freedom of mind to realise ideas that’ll benefit the whole city?

Translated by Aida Baghernejad


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