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  • Rave The Planet: Date for Love Parade 2.0 is set

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Rave The Planet: Date for Love Parade 2.0 is set

It’s an ambitious project — for which there is now a set date. ‘Rave The Planet’, the resurrection of legendary techno party Love Parade, will be held in July 2021 according to organiser Dr. Motte. On one condition: that wannabe revellers club together (geddit?) to raise the €1.5 million needed to fund it.

Love Parade 1999: 22 years later, ‘Rave the Planet’ is to make its comeback. If enough people donate, that is. imago images / Contrast/Behrend

As with the original Berlin Love Parade, the location will be Straße des 17. Juni — a hallowed site in Berlin’s techno history. The founders have already created a Facebook event and informed the media about the intended date: 10th July, 2021.

But what will Berliners make of this hyped proposal? Are locals willing to pay for another well-meaning street party in a city of frequent well-meaning street parties? Especially as some of the best clubs in the country, nay world, are right here. After all, there are currently some bigger goals for the party scene — declaring Berlin’s club ecosystem a world cultural heritage site, thus preventing the demise of more iconic nightspots, for example.

According to a recent survey, however, Berliners are broadly in favour of the Love Parade idea.

How can I contribute?

Fundraising donations can be made directly, but those interested can also purchase a miniature raver to be placed on a scaled-down model as a proxy for the big party next summer.

The good news for Dr. Motte et al: 20,000 people have already invested €5 each for a dancing figurine, according to the ‘Rave The Planet’ website. Not enough — but it’s a start. And there’s still a little time left.

Dr. Motte at the launch of ‘Rave The Planet’ at the Mall of Berlin. André Hercher

Original text Sebastian Scherer, translation Bethan Jones


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