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Spree swimming: New river pool by Museum Island?

Water vision: start date for construction of a river pool in the Spree is set.

The future will be wet: according to the plans of Flussbad e. V., the river will be turned into a pool with water cleansed through natural modern filters. (Photo: realities:united/Flussbad Berlin e.V.)

Berliners can soon experience beach feelings between steel and stone — if the builders of this novelty are on time. We’re talking about a planned river pool in the Spree, alongside the historical buildings of Museum Island. This doesn’t mean they’ll build a pool into the waterway, similar to the lido at Badeschiff, but rather integrate modern, natural filters into the water to allow swimming in the Spree itself — or rather, the Spreekanal, which isn’t used by boats and ships. According to plans of the initiative Flussbad Berlin e. V., the pool will be accessible from 2025 onwards.

A recent funding victory should help keep the project on track. Since last week, the construction start date has been decided — the state of Berlin has promised €4 million that the owners were still missing. The money will go towards elegant stairs to the river pool, leading down from the newly rebuilt ‘Stadtschloss’.

The river pool would be not only a dream destination for swimmers, idlers and flaneurs, but also a symbol for civic engagement. It’s the architects, city planners and Flussbad e. V.’s PR team that have fought for the project — supported by public funding. A grassroots movement that could become an example for other cities with (neglected) waterways.

Translated by Aida Baghernejad


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