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Mietendeckel: Berlin’s rent cap is here — but there’s a twist

Berlin’s parliament passed the long-awaited rent cap at the end of January. Its implementation, however, falls on us.

Could you even afford one of these apartments? Rent control is a serious topic in Berlin (Photo: Jonas Denil)

January 30th was a historic day for Berlin. Not only because our panda babies made their public debut, but because the long-awaited rent cap passed through Berlin’s parliament. The final version of the law that freezes rents at the level they were in summer 2019 and enables a cap on particularly high rents, however, has one central difference to the idea that was once debated. It won’t be the Bezirke (district councils) that are responsible for enforcing the new rules, but the tenants themselves.

This is designed to protect the cap from legal attacks, but in reality dampens its impact: affected tenants will think twice before entering a protracted battle with their landlord. Because said landlord could well use it against them in future. Nevertheless, the cap is a Germany-wide first when it comes to the protection of tenants. We wish it, and the pandas, a long and fruitful life.

Protesters have been out in force demanding the cap (Photo: imago images / IPON)

Translated by Aida Baghernejad


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