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Two tiny houses for the homeless destroyed in Kreuzberg

Two ‘Little Homes’ inhabited by homeless Berliners were demolished in Kreuzberg

Tiny homes no more… demolition in Mariannenplatz (Photo: Little Home e.V.)

What a symbol: On May 1st, of all days, the council of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg gave the order to have two ‘Little Homes’ that had been given to homeless Berliners, demolished. The reasoning? The tiny houses on wheels were standing on public green space. And that green space “cannot be gradually be built on”. That it also was the site of Die Linke’s traditional May 1st festival, didn’t help either. “The inhabitants knew they had to move, but they were stubborn”, says Sven Lüdecke from the “Little Homes” charity. They were offered other places to move the homes to and refused. “But that the tiny houses were demolished and not transported to another place, is not understandable.” It’s not particularly human — or a sign of political wisdom — either.

The homes as they were before the demolition (Photo: Little Home e.V.)

Translated by Aida Baghernejad

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