"Microplastics have been found in the human placenta. It's like having a cyborg baby that is no longer just made of human cells."

It sounds like the title of a science fiction movie, but in our present, babies are considered cyborgs before they are even born!

Freely inspired by Toich’s novel “Ad Bestias”, the physical theater piece “monstrous” is set in a dystopian eco-dictatorship.

Under the pressure of the regime, the human body becomes a deviant place of preservation and self-extinction at the same time, a playground of tensions in which superhuman strength, discomfort, absurdity and monstrosity find their own expression.

The piece investigates different forms of pregnancy: women are artificially inseminated with animals, plants, minerals, emotions, natural phenomena and behaviors useful to the eco-regime.

Using masks, dance, spoken word, sound and live music, “monstrous” radically explores metamorphosis as a force that puts humans in unavoidable relations with the other living and non living creatures.


Freely inspired by Francesca Sarah Toich's novel „Ad Bestias“ - - -

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