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Climate crisis: Berlin to go car free by 2030?

A city without cars? This dream could become reality in Berlin in the next ten years. At least according to some politicians.

Will Berlin’s traffic jams become a thing of the past? (Photo: imago images / Jürgen Ritter)

Regine Günther, Berlin’s senator for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection wants to ban cars that run on petrol and diesel from all parts of Berlin inside the S-Bahn ring by 2030. And, by 2035, these cars should vanish from the entire city. Instead of said cars, Berliners should switch to public transport, or, like members of the city government, to electric cars. This proposal tackles emissions in line with the climate emergency Berlin declared in December. If you want to save the climate, you need to take tough measures.

Günther wants to raise funds for the expansion of the city’s public transport system from motorists: with a city toll, higher parking fees, and a short-distance traffic fee for car owners. The financial strain on car drivers is only fair. After all, it’s them who pollute the environment to a high degree. It would be socially just, however, if better-off motorists paid more than those with less money in their pockets.

Translated by Aida Baghernejad


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