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  • Gazzo Pizza: Sourdough for the masses in Neukölln

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Gazzo Pizza: Sourdough for the masses in Neukölln

Beyond Naples: Gazzo in Neukölln bakes its pizza with sourdough. And it tastes gooood.

Sourdough pizza with a cheese and radicchio topping on a marble table with wine glasses, a candle and olives at Gazzo pizza.
Praise the dough! (Photo: Augusta Leigh Photography)

What’s so special about this place? The ice cream. We’ve got to talk about the ice cream. Even though this place is technically all about pizza. Since Gazzo opened about a year ago in this almost bourgeois part of Neukölln, Berlin’s foodies are talking more about their ice cream — or rather soft serve — than about their solid pizzas (which we’ll discuss in a minute, don’t worries). Soft serve, as delicate as a, well, kiss, is made from the freshly-churned milk of Brandenburg buffalos. It’s served either with shortbread and seasonal fruit, or in its far more exciting version with peppery olive oil and Maldon sea salt.

And the pizzas? They’re kneaded from sourdough here, and don’t pretend to be strictly Neapolitan. Which has become rather common for ambitious pizza parlours in Berlin. Still, they’re really good when it comes to the classics at Gazzo. But make sure you also try the more unusual combinations! They’re at least as fun, if not more so. Think vivid green pizza with spinach, herbs, meaty portobellos and pine nuts. Or a farewell to summer with courgette, feta and lemon. Also: vegans worry not — they’ll replace the cheese for a dairy-free alternative at no extra cost.

A few bites, a few wines

There’s also an unusual and on good days also very delicious salad, a number of small bites, a few nice wines and a few spritzes. One of them even without the alcohol — but all the taste. Paired with the fun atmosphere of the place, most likely due to acute pizza-induced happiness, this makes for a wonderful spot for laid-back dinner with friends.

You’re missing some Italian kitsch in the décor? Don’t worry. Gazzo will make it all up — in the loo. Promise.

Address: Hobrechtstraße 57, Neukölln | Mon-Fri 5pm-10pm, Sat+Sun 12pm-10pm

Directions: U-Bahn station Schönleinstraße


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