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  • Hipsters and halva: The tip Berlin guide to Neukölln

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Hipsters and halva: The tip Berlin guide to Neukölln

Ah Neukölln, how could we not love you, you bustling, broken, beautiful piece of Berlin. With shops and restaurants constantly opening, closing, reopening and changing, it’s hard to keep track of where to eat and what to do in this special slice of the city. Luckily, we know exactly where you need to go, eat, hang out, and dance. Welcome to tip Berlin’s guide to Neukölln.

Breakfast & brunch

Soft colours and damn good coffee: The Future Breakfast. (Photo: Sabrina Hubert)

Future Breakfast

Before falling asleep, Florian Tränker used to dream of the breakfast he’d have in the morning, and when he and his girlfriend Katie James wanted to start a business, there was no doubt they’d specialise in this dream breakfast. The couple won initially fans with their cute food truck and the tasty breakfast sandwiches they sold at various street food markets. After a few years on the street, they gave their dream a beautiful permanent home in sleepy Rixdorf. Come for a grilled croissant, stay for their specials.

Address: Böhmische Straße 46, Neukölln | Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm, Sat+Sun 9.30am-5pm

Directions: S-Bahn station Sonnenallee


Al Pasha

Ever had Lebanese breakfast? Visit Al Pasha, ideally with a few friends, order Za’tar mix manakish (a cheesy flatbread straight from paradise) and a fatteh, a chickpea dish with yoghurt and fried bread, and expect to fall asleep again right after brunch. The place can get very busy, but your patience will be rewarded with very good food and free tea.

Address: Sonnenallee 77, Neukölln | Daily 8am-7pm

Directions: M41



Berlin’s best lunch at Hallmann & Klee? (Photo: Antonios Mitsopoulos)

Hallmann & Klee

Hallmann & Klee might just be one of the best restaurants and cafés in Berlin, without making any fuss about it. Famous for their brilliant breakfast, they also serve beautiful lunch. We love the open-face sandwiches, which are a bit on the expensive side, but considering the products they use and the care that goes in, they are worth every cent.

Address: Böhmische Str. 13, Neukölln | Wed-Sat 9.30am-11pm, Sun 9.30am-6pm

Directions: S-Bahn station Sonnenallee



Pick your fish and seafood at the counter and have it grilled and stuffed in a sandwich or served with a literal mountain of fries on the side. They also make a mean pasta alle vongole and arancini.

Address: Flughafenstr. 35, Neukölln | Mon-Fri 10am-10pm, Sat+Sun 1pm-10pm

Directions: U-Bahn station Rathaus Neukölln


Coffee & cake

Homely vibes and heavenly sweet treats at Isla.


Fantastic coffee, served in cups made from upcycled coffee grounds, bread pudding made from leftover pastries, and ricotta made from leftover milk: owners Peter Duran aims to turn his little haven on Hermannstraße into a zero waste-café. But as tasty as the bread pudding is, it would be a waste to have your coffee without a cardamon bun.

Address: Hermannstraße 37, Neukölln | Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat+Sun 9am-6pm

Directions: U-Bahn station Boddinstraße


Bullys Bakery

Bully’s Bakery

Salted caramel cheesecake, anyone? Bully’s Bakery is a neighbourhood café – but a really, really good one. Especially since Behzad Karim-Khani und Achille Farese, better known as the minds behind Bar Lugosi and the Italian restaurant Karloff in Kreuzberg, took the place over from its retiring owner. Great spot for breakfast, even better for an afternoon pick-me-up with coffee and very, very good cake.

Address: Friedelstraße 7, Neukölln | Mon-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat+Sun 10am-7pm

Directions: U-Bahn station Hermannplatz



Burrata dreams at W Pizza. (Photo: Clemens Niedenthal)

W Pizza

Who doesn’t like pizza? Particularly when it’s as good as it is at W Pizza on Weichselplatz. They serve some of the best pies in town – both with normal wheat flour, or added hemp flour, for a little extra nuttiness. And happiness, probably.

Address: Fuldastrasse 31, Neukölln | Mon-Thu 6pm-10pm, Fri 6pm-11pm, Sat 5pm-11pm, Sun 5pm-10pm

Directions: M41



Neukölln has moved closer to the Alps: Knödelwirtschaft specialises in Knödel — Austrian/Southern German dumplings. They’re served in different seasonal variations, always with fresh-made salads on the side, parmesan on top, and a cool-kid atmosphere to boot. Pair the dumplings with copious amounts of Bavarian beer and some Obstler schnaps afterwards.

Address: Fuldastraße 33, Neukölln | Mon-Thu 6pm-12am, Sat+Sun 4pm-12am

Directions: M41



Bierbaum 2

If you want to experience German drinking culture, Bierbaum 2 is the place to be. Not in a good way – but not in an entirely bad way either. This place is open 24 hours, seven days a week, you can play pool and darts, spend all your hard-earned money on the jukebox and still afford to get wasted. Expect to meet everyone from your nasty neighbour and the barista at your favourite café, to the Australian musician who came to record his album in Berlin and never managed to leave (but not to record either). If Bierbaum 2 is too much of a dive for you, check out Das Gift around the corner, the perfect union of traditional German dive bar and Scottish pub, owned by Barry Burns of Mogwai fame and his artist/curator wife.

Address: Sonnenallee 86, Neukölln | Daily, 24h

Directions: M41


Paolo Pinkel

There’s a new kid in town and it’s fancy: Paolo Pinkel is one of the more curious openings in Neukölln. But also a really fun one: instead of following the typical Neukölln design guide with artfully exposed brick walls and soft colours, it looks like a high-class dive in Miami or the set of a Eurotrash video. The drinks are inventive, fun, and still affordable enough to drink a few too many. Inside, there are also three different, independently-run mini restaurants — and the food at all of them is pretty good.

Address: Karl-Marx-Str 55, Neukölln | Sun-Thu 6pm-3am, Fri+Sat 6pm-5am

Directions: U-Bahn Rathaus Neukölln




SchwuZ ist without doubt Berlin’s most famous and arguably most important gay club. There are parties every weekend, but the venue is also home to concerts, film screenings, panel discussions, charity events, and more. Explicitly political, the famous club continues to be a vital part of Berlin’s night life.

Address: Rollbergstraße 26, Neukölln | Fri+Sat 11pm-9am

Directions: U-Bahn station Karl-Marx-Strasse



By the water, in an abandoned industrial lot, Griessmühle has captured the hearts of Berlin’s party crowd. What was once a noodle manufacturer is now a popular techno club with an eclectic but always inspired programme of DJs. Dancing aside, they also host ping pong tournaments, film nights, and even flea markets.

Address: Sonnenallee 221, Neukölln | For opening times check schedule

Directions: S-Bahn station Sonnenalle



Dion & Gefolge

A späti with style: Founded by neighbours after many years of living in Neukölln, this exceptional späti is a mix of a speciality deli and a wine and booze shop with one of the most unusual selections of spirits Berlin has ever seen. A great place to buy presents (for others and for oneself).

Address: Bürknerstraße 31-32, Neukölln | Tue-Thu 2pm-8pm, Fr+Sa 11am-8pm

Directions: U-Bahn station Schönleinstraße


Urban Industrial

Looking for unusual furniture with an industrial edge? The answer is Urban Industrial. Looking to kill an hour and seek inspiration? The answer is still Urban Industrial. The unusual shop in a back yard on Hasenheide has one of the most astonishing selections of industrial furniture, all for sale. Strictly speaking it’s located in Kreuzberg, but it’s definitely Neukölln at heart.

Address: Hasenheide 13, Neukölln | Mon-Sat 11am-8pm

Directions: U-Bahn station Hermannplatz



Stadtbad Neukölln is a hidden gem

Sauna at Stadtbad Neukölln

Berlin has some brilliant public pools, but Stadtbad Neukölln takes the cake: inspired by Greek and Roman architecture, the grand building turns your daily (weekly, monthly) workout into a special treat. The pools are fairly small, but the sauna is spacious with both a dry and a steam room, as well as a herbal and two colder saunas. The integrated restaurant Nackt Kantine serves homemade curries, onigiris, toasties, and smoothies. Beware – German saunas are strictly nude, swimwear is prohibited.

Address: Ganghoferstraße 3, Neukölln | Daily 10am-10.30pm, Mondays Women only

Directions: U-Bahn station Rathaus Neukölln



Talking of Saunas – Neukölln’s rock climbing gym Bouldergarten is home to one, too. But why spend your time relaxing if you can climb rocks, sweat, and conquer even the most complicated route? The gym offers various walls for different skill levels and is also very kid-friendly.

Address: Thiemannstraße 1, Neukölln | Mon-Thu 10am-11pm, Fri+Sat 10am-10pm

Directions: S-Bahn station Sonnenallee



The magical Körnerpark, tucked away in Neukölln (Photo: Felipe Tofani/flickr)


Yes, of course you should visit Tempelhofer Feld and hang out on the landing strip, pondering why you would move anywhere else, ever. But Neukölln has more to offer, for example beautiful Körnerpark. The park is tucked away behind Karl-Marx-Straße and isn’t necessarily easy to find. Think Baroque revival architecture but on the gritty streets of our favourite district.

Address: Schierker Str. 8, Neukölln | Daily 10am-8pm

Directions: S- and U-Bahn station Neukölln


KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art

What used to be a brewery in the middle of Berlin has been turned into one of the most exciting art spaces in the city. The impressive 1920s brick building hosts major exhibitions and invites artists to create site-specific pieces for its spectacular exhibition spaces.

Address: Am Sudhaus 3, Neukölln | Wed-Sun 12pm-6pm

Directions: U-Bahn station Rathaus Neukölln


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