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  • Silent discos: Berlin successfully soundproofs its clubs

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Silent discos: Berlin successfully soundproofs its clubs

The noise insulation fund for Berlin’s clubs spawns imitators across Europe.

Door to club Golden Gate, hut with golden curtains next to brick wall, wet streets. Golden Gate is one of the clubs that has received funds through the noise insulation programme.
Golden Gate in 2017. Soon, you won’t be able to hear the party from here (Photo: Irene Fernandez Arcas).

€665,000. That’s how much the state of Berlin has already awarded to thirteen clubs for noise insulation installation. The fund that’s been running since 2018 has already defused a few neighbourhood conflicts. This system that aims to prevent or at least slow down Clubsterben, the death of clubs due to gentrification and other developments, has proven to be so popular that cities such as Barcelona and Cologne want to adopt it, too. The idea has also found proponents in Munich and Lithuania’s capital Vilnius.


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