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Damengedeck: Beer and schnapps — for women only?

Women in yellow dress walking in the woods with two bottles in her hand.
Spreewood Distillers team up with Berliner Berg (Photo: Clemens Niedenthal).

Cucumber schnapps and lager: microbrewery Berliner Berg and Spreewood Distillers have developed a Damengedeck together.

Herrengedeck can be translated as ‘gentleman’s cover’, and is one of the most German things you could possibly order at a bar, or rather, a Kneipe, a dive. Known in the US as a ‘boilermaker’, it refers to a beer (typically a Pilsener), and a shot of Korn. Not very gentleman-like. And because drinking culture can be terribly sexist, the Damengedeck, the women’s version, typically came as a glass of bubbly and an alcohol-free drink. Cheap orange juice, for example.

But gone are those times! Spreewood Distillers, based in Schlepzig outside Berlin, have distilled a beautifully fresh, and yes, actually cucumber-y schnapps. And together with the brewers from Berliner Berg, they have put together a very Berlin package deal. Referring to ye olde dive bar-favourite Herrengedeck, they offer a Damengedeck that is actually worth drinking. The Neukölln-based brewery contributes their light, but reverberant lager. For a truly authentic experience, dunk your shot glass right into the beer.

The package deal comes with 200ml of Gurkengeist and three small beers for €14,90, ready for collection at Berliner Berg’s Bergschloss bar. At the restaurant Lausebengel in Graefekiez, and the bar Mr Susan in Mitte they serve the Damengedeck at the bar.

Address: Bergschloss, Kopfstraße 59, Neukölln | Thu 7pm-1am, Fri+Sat 7pm-1.30am

Directions: U-Bahn station Karl-Marx-Straße

Translated by Aida Baghernejad


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